Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4 Weeks From Now

That's right. 4 short weeks from today and I will be finished with my freshman year at the good 'ole U of A. I'm really excited about it getting finished. It's been a rough year (partially because of my laziness, partially because of my...laziness) and I'm really really looking forward to starting over at a new school with a new campus and new books and new teachers and an entirely new atmosphere that I can (hopefully) easily create a new rhythm. I will work hard next semester because I'll have less time and I'll be much busier. (P.S. I'm about to throw up right now listening to Dr. Beavers attempt to explain the ancient language understood only by well-learned scholars and geniuses that is C++ Programming. ugh...). I think I'll go over the reasons I'm excited about leaving and being finished with this semester:
1. Programming
2. I have a Programming assignment due Friday
3. I don't understand Programming
4. Programming is going to kill me
5. I should just leave Programming to Programmers
6. 3 more Programming labs
7. Programming
8. Programming
9. You guessed it
10. I get to live in my own house!

So, anybody see a pattern? Me too. I'm thinkin' it's programming.

Attempt to define Programming:

Programming: 1. n. A mixture of old Japanese torture techniques, Latin, Honors Discrete Mathematics, monotony, boredom, weekly quizzes, Harry Potter-sized textbook, and Satan.

Enough with my whining about Programming. Hopefully this summer won't be too busy and I can earn myself gobs of money. I need money. It's what you need to buy things and survive, and I don't have any, so do the logic. Soon, I will die.

P.S. I was pretty excited for about 2 months that I would get to see Girl Talk this Friday, but my wristband dealer came up dry and gave our shit to someone else. So much for Em and me getting high on sick DJ beats.

This has been Taylor, signing off.

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