Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why isn't life simple?

The perfect life for me would be one that I could live in peace and do what I want. Not alone, but with all of my friends and girlfriend and family. No one would have to go to school, no electronics, no technology. Food would be easy to come by, but we'd have to gather it. Everyone would be extremely healthy because we'd always be active and eating healthily. Everything we consumed would be natural. EVERYTHING. The only things we'd have that were technologically advanced are toilets. We'd live in teepees and have animals and maybe a dragon or two. Yeah, that'd be the good life.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the never-ending circle of boredom in which you go to college, get a job, and support yourself and family. Everything is so corporate these days. Why can't we break out of this mold that everyone has to fit into? It's ridiculous. I think life would be much better without all of the technology we have today and it was all just simple. Wars wouldn't exist, and everyone would be happy. Let's go back to pre-settler days. Let's be Crow or Sioux. Maybe Cherokee.

1 comment:

  1. i love it. i completely agree 100%.

    I want a night fury, though.


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